Friday, 3 March 2017

Two pals and a bear.

The Well Falkland. 

I have a friend who share pictures of where they walk. It is strange how other places always look so much more interesting than the places that are close to us and readily available to enjoy. 

We never seem to just go out and enjoy what is within each reach of us, probably because we take it all for granted. I daily meet people who have lived in the area where I live who on seeing some of the drawings and painting I do around the place just do not have a clue where it is. 

I was thinking of this and rejoicing when it crossed my mind how safe it is to walk where I live. I might meet the occasional angry person but never really anything more dangerous other than perhaps a dog that has not been trained by a bad owner. 

While walking in France There were frequently signs warning of wild boar and snakes. 

Then some of the friends tell me of seeing bears and such. This reminded me of another little tale I have used many times. 

Two friends decided to go for a walk in the forest not far from where they lived. They enjoyed walking there and throwing stones into the pool they passed. They competed against each other in skiing stones over the water to see who could achieve the most bounces. 

They were aware that they had to be careful because there were bears in this forest. They had made a promise to each other to look out for one another. 

Then on this particular day they became aware of a silence interspersed by the noise of something breathing and moving towards them. Then they saw it, a brown bear, it looked enormous. In the flash of a moment one of the boys shot up a nearby tree leaving his friend to face the bear alone. 

There was no time to climb or run so he did what he had once read in a book, he lay down and played dead. 

The bear came up to him and leaned forward and over him sniffing. it looked to the other lad that the bear was talking to him.

The bear slowly wandered off not interested at all. The boy climbed down from the tree and said to his friend, "What did that bear whisper in your ear?"

The boy looked at him and said, "The bear told me not to believe in false friendship."

The true friend is the one who stands by you no matter what the situation. How wonderful it is to have such friends. In such a situation I know where I would like to be and hope that this is where I would be, standing shoulder to shoulder. 

Have a wonderful day. 

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