Thursday, 9 March 2017

Grasp the Day.

I do not know why this came to my mind but I found myself laughing as I remembered the days when I had to go to school. Now school was never an easy place for me as I am sure I have said before. So getting up in the morning was never going to be easy. I can remember lying in my bed wide awake and thinking to myself, "with a little bit of luck my mother will not shout to tell me it is time to get up so I will be able to just lie here and not bother going to school. 

Sadly it never happened. My mother was an early riser and I was always up washed and dressed ready to leave for school with a fair chance of being the first in the playground. 

I was still smiling and remembering some of the other things my mother did to keep me in line. 

I was as a youth guilty of dropping clothes on the floor of my bedroom and never wondering how they ended up back in the wardrobe or washing basket, it just seemed to happen. 

Then one day it stopped happening and the pile got bigger and bigger. On more than one occasion my mother told me to put them away or put them in for washing or I would regret it. It had almost reached a stand off. 

Then came Friday night. My friends, both male and female were waiting for me at the front gate. It was dance night and they were all in their best gear ready for a good night out. I was just putting the finishing touches to my attire, a bit of a struggle there being more on the floor than in the drawers or wardrobe. 

I managed only just to get ready and went out to meet my friends. Halfway down the garden path I heard my upstairs bedroom window open. From the side I could see a blur of something. As I turned to look around there were all my clothes draped from the various rose bushes and over the front lawn, underclothes and everything. Then a loud noise as the window closed and I was left red faced to gather it all together. 

This was a bit like the tale of William. 

It was a beautiful sunny morning, the sun shinning in through Williams bedroom window beckoning him to the day ahead.

Williams mother came into her son's room and said. William , it is Sunday. Time to get up ! Time to get up and go to church! Get up!"

From under the covers came the muffled mumbles, "I do not want to go."

You don't want to go? What do you mean you don't want to go," she said. "That is just silly! Now get up and get washed and dressed and ready to go to church."

"No!" he shot back. " I will give you two reasons. I do not like them and they do not like me."


" I will give You two reasons to go."

"First, you are 42 years old."

"Second, you have to go, you are the minister."

There are some things in life that we just have to face up to. Not all of life is as simple and straight forward as we would often like it to be.  

But as Lao Tzu said, live in the moment and things are always so much easier. Two things we cannot change, Yesterday and Tomorrow but we can grasp the moment and overcome all things. 

Have a marvellous carefree day with nothing unexpected coming  your way. 

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