Friday, 24 March 2017

Oh to be slim again.

Oh to be so young and slim again.

At present I have been making a concentrated effort to lose the little extra weight I have put on over the winter. It is not so easy to drag yourself out on a cold wet day to do some walking and exercise. The other real difficulty is when not out, it means simply that you are at home.

Now being at home for me means that the coffee machine keeps calling me and the chocolate biscuits that have found their way into the fridge manage to attract my attention. Before you know where you are weight has slipped on.

So for the past few days I have been resisting and walking twice a day managing at least ten miles of walking. But more important, ten miles of no snacking. 

I really do not do diets. 

Most of us have tried at least once a diet, in order to lose the extra pounds. We have given up our favourite foods, changed how much we eat, and when we eat. 

Most of us also realise that even though it is essential to our well being it is not at all easy. So a sense of humour is called for or life gets so very serious. 

I was thinking of this as I walked yesterday.

Two things we need to know to begin with, are two important words and they're meanings.

Calories:  Tiny devious creatures that live in our wardrobes, and make our clothes smaller every night.

Diet: An odd process where, instead of watching what we eat, we watch what other people eat. 

A professional dieting expert was giving a lecture to a group of people who were about to retire. I remember being told how dangerous a time that can be the change of lifestyle making comfort food more attractive. 

He began, "The food we eat is so bad for us, that it will hurt our health several years down the road.

Sugary drinks eat up the lining of our stomach, processed food is so full of chemicals, meat is full of preservatives, even our water is filled with germs. I have not even reached fatty foods yet!

Do you know which type of dessert will give you the most troubles and suffering after you have eaten it?"

The whole group fell silent. Then one of the men sitting in the second front row raised his hand and was invited to respond. He stood up and said, "A wedding cake."

I am not sure he was grasping the purpose of the meeting. 

I asked a very good friend how, in spite of all the diets he tried he still did not manage to lose any weight.

He replied, "Between you and me, and I do not wish to boast about this, but I guess I am just too good! This week I managed to finish a two week diet in three hours and twenty minutes. 

Have a wonderful day. Oh, yesterday,  I managed to walk passed the shop selling Smarties Mini Eggs, they are so addictive.

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