Monday, 20 March 2017


I have been having some serious discussions with a very dear friend.  I told this friend that I had been reading about the great health values there comes form eating bananas. I had in fact read that if you ate two a day you would solve a great many worries about your daily intake of all the required vitamins and other good things. 

I personally would find not a problem eating two a day I so love them for their taste never mind all the good things they have. 

Somebody pointed out to me that they were rather heavy on calories so I checked that out as well. 

So no more talk about them it seems that they do infect have many great qualities.

Here is a lovely little story that confirms this fact. 

A lady was on the bus back in the days when on the buses they had conductors who sold the tickets. We used to call the clippers and there were a great many jokes about clippers when I was a boy. 

This lady had told the conductor where she was going and he had printed her ticket from his machine, she was searching for the money to pay her fare.  It was taking her ages and the conductor was getting angrier and angrier. He got so angry he hit the lady with his ticket machine. She died instantly.

The conductor was arrested and duly sentenced to death by electrocution. 

Prior to his electrocution he asked for twelve pounds of bananas which he duly ate. Once he has finished they strap him into the chair and pull the switch. He just sits there and grins.

Now because he has not died the state has to let him go free.

He get a job as a conductor with a bus company that does not know him. Not long after getting his job he again loses his temper and a poor young lad who he had caught sticking chewing gum under the seat was hit and died. 

Again he is arrested and sentenced to death. Again he orders twelve pends of bananas which he eats. Again he is strapped to the chair and the switch is flipped and again he sits there and smiles. 

Again believe it or not he is released again. 

Soon he get a job as a conductor on a train and again there is an incident and he finds himself back on death row.

Again he orders the bananas and the same thing happens yet again even though they have checked all the electrode and put his feet in a bucket of water. 

Again it does not kill him. They are going to be forced to release him yet again. The executioner perplexed asks him what it is with the bananas.

"Oh it is nothing to do with bananas, I just love to eat bananas, " he says,  "the problem really is simple. I am a really bad conductor."

Have a wonderful day I hope you are starting it with a little smile. 


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