Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Friend Indeed!

It is good to meet up with friends and to be able to share and know that they are there for you in times of need. It is also good to know that you can be there for them with even just a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen to.

I had just such a meeting yesterday with two friends I had not see for some time but those I also see every week.

It is always amazing to consider those who we call friends. Sometimes they are not always the people we might have thought at first who in fact become people we later would be disappointed to lose touch with and I rejoice I have many such friends in my life. 

It reminds me of tale you may have heard before but worthy of your further thought.

A lion was resting under the shade of a tree feeling that life was good. He had eaten and now he was resting and so content was he  had fallen asleep.  Just at that moment a little mouse in its haste ran across the face of the lion and awoke him from his slumbers. 

Rising angrily the lion caught the mouse and was about to toss him back his throat. The mouse pleaded, "Please spare my life, I will promise to repay your kindness."

The lion laughed and roared, "what ever kindness could a little thing like you ever do for me?' He did though take pity on the little mouse and let him scurry off on his way. 

About three or four weeks later the mouse heard a terrible roar not far off. He realised it was the roar of the lion that had let him go. In haste he scurried towards the growing noise. 

As he approached he noticed that the lion had been caught in a net trap set up by some hunters. The mouse clubbed up the rope and began to gnaw at the net slowly but surely cutting his way through the various strands of the netting. 

He said to the lion, "You ridiculed the idea that a little creature like me could ever help you, never expecting that one day I might be able to repay your favour to me. Now you must know that it is possible for even the smallest of creatures to confer benefit on the greatest. 

Always be grateful for those who call you friend and may they be equally glad to be able to call you a friend.  The word friend can be so easily a meaningless word but true friends are there to be cherished and rejoiced in.

May you have a wonderful day surrounded by Friends. 

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