Saturday, 14 January 2017

Three Kicks.

Well, the hands of time move ever onward. Today I mark another year along the path of life. I suppose it is because of this I have been looking backward and trying to make some real sense of the journey.

One thing that keeps coming back as I reflect brings both a sense of regret and yet a sense of some pleasure. In all my years I have only ever had one fight with another person in a physical sense and it only lasted one punch. 

Being the smallest in my class if not in the school I was open to being bullied. It came with the territory and I managed not to react to it, other than the once. A lad who had been bullying for weeks went to far and made some remark about my father. I turned and hit him just once. I was never bullied again. Yet I still feel regret that I turned to violence something I was and still am opposed to.

I do not remember the name of the person so can make no effort to put things right.

But it reminds me of a true story.

There was a lawyer by the name of Han. He was a man who loved both fishing and hunting and whenever possible he did one or the other. 

There was a day when he awoke to a beautiful day and decided to go fishing. He spent a large part of the day with nothing to show for his efforts. Feeling down he began to pack away his gear and head home. 

Just then he saw a rabbit moving around nearby. He quickly removed his rifle from the car and shot the rabbit. It made him feel better the day had not been in vain.

The only problem was that the rabbit was lying on the ground beyond a garden fence. He looked around, saw nobody , so jumped the fence to retrieve the rabbit.

Just as he picked the rabbit up the owner of the garden appeared. The two began to argue about the ownership of the rabbit.

The lawyer said that having shot the rabbit it was his. The owner argued that as the rabbit was on his property and eating his lettuce it was his.

The lawyer lost his patience. "I  am a lawyer! I will sue you and in court I will argue my case and demand costs."

The owner decided to teach this lawyer a lesson. He said, "Okay. Ill kick you three times with all my strength. You can then kick me three times with all your strength. We will continue this until one of us gives up! The one who gives up loses and the other owns the rabbit. No need for courts."

The lawyer instantly agreed to the   "Three Kick" confident that he could beat this frail old man. He was after all a big strong hunting man.

They then argued about who should kick first but decided on the toss of a coin. The owner won and got the first three Kicks.

The owner gave the lawyer three hearty kicks causing the lawyer much pain. He got back to his feet and readied himself for his three kicks. At that point the owner said, "I give up! It is all yours. Now go and enjoy your rabbit!"

Never underestimate anyone. Never become over confident of your power or your talent.

It takes just a blow on the right place to put us in our place. 

The lawyer left leaving the rabbit laying where he had dropped it. 

Have a good day.

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