Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The hands of fortune.

This another early painting which once again I am sure I overpainted I called, "Hope springs eternal."
it was a lovely day along the coastal path and there on the beach was a father and his young lad. The waves were fairly high and rolling in fast so the chance of catching any fish I would think were fairly slight. 

Nevertheless, the two of them were together and both seemed to be enjoying each others company, and the young lad was learning many good messages from the encounter. 

If nothing else the lad was learning to be ever hopeful. 

There was a great Zen warrior named Nobunaga. He lived with his people in a region often attacked by marauding tribes. Nobunaga decided that he could not allow this to go on any longer even though he had only about one tenth of the number of soldiers than that of the opposition. 

He so he believed he could win , but his soldiers were alarmed and full of doubt.

On his way to face the enemy he stopped at a Taoist shrine and spoke to his men. "After I visit this shrine I will toss a coin. If the coin turns up heads we will win this battle, if tails then we will lose. We are in the hands of destiny and fortune."

He entered the shrine and there had a short meditation in the quiet of the place. 

When he came forth he tossed a coin.  Heads appeared.

His soldiers spirits arose and they were so eager to fight that they won the battle with ease. 

On the journey homeward his second in command riding beside him said, " No one can change the hand of destiny and fortune."

"Indeed not," said Nobunaga, "that is indeed true as he showed him the coin which had been used for the toss. There it was for him to see, a coin with two heads. "

It is amazing what can be achieved if we but believe that we can. 

Have a wonderful day and achieve much.

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