Saturday, 28 January 2017

Go with the flow.

I have been reading once again a book I have turned to so often over the years, a book I recommend with no reservations. It is a book that can be read by people of any religion and those of no religion and something will be learned. 

In the time I was reading it I also read an article on people who for one reason or another had survived 9/11 because they had been kept late for work . Each one is a true verified fact. 

One person because that morning his son was having his first day at school and he wanted to be at home to see him head off, so he was late for work.

Another man was alive because it was his turn to go for the buns for the morning break.

A woman is alive because on that particular day her alarm failed to go off.

Another got caught up in an accident.

One missed her bus.

A young girl spilled something on her dress and went back to change it.

One persons car would not start and had to wait for home start.

One person went back to answer the phone that rang just as she left the door.

One had a child who just on that day dawdled and made her late.

Another could not get a taxi.

One man put on a brand new pair of shoes and got a blister walking to work. He stopped in at the pharmacy to buy a plater  and apply it. He was late for work and survived. 

So, if you get stuck in traffic, miss a bus, turn back because of an annoying telephone I think to myself this is Wei Wei it is just me going with the natural order of things.

The next time everything seems to be going wrong for you. The kids are playing up or you cannot find the car keys. The next time you hit every red light on the journey. Do not get mad or frustrated just go with the flow, it is all part of everyday life.

may life continue to weave a beautiful pattern for you and may you enjoy all the unexpected little moments. Remember it might well be that you are missing something you would not enjoy at all. 

Oh the name of that book all about going with the flow. It is, " The Tao of Pooh."

Have a wonderful day.



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