Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Where is my phone?

The wife of the handsome man I had on yesterday.

Today I take my motorhome for its annual service. I have a long drive to get it there and so have to be up and off very early. So  I will keep this blog brief and to the point. Forgive if you think it is not up to the mark. 

I was thinking only yesterday how we become very attached to some things in life. This thought was prompted by reading in the news and hearing a report on the radio about the youth of today. 

It seems that if a person becomes detached from their mobile phone for more than five minutes they begin to become anxious and fretful. 

I do know that last week I made a bus journey and the young girl sitting next to me for the duration of the journey kept switching her cell phone on and off checking just to make sure nobody was desperately needing her help. 

I also know that my friend after being walking with me left her phone in the back seat of my car. She was obviously not nearly as attached to it as the young girl I just spoke of she did not notice until it was nearly bedtime and she was going to put it on charge. 

The buddhist say that all such attachment can only lead one way, to such anxiety .  Let me explain with a lovely little Taoist tale.

A young student of the Tao happened to break a precious vase belonging to his teacher. 

When he heard his teacher's footsteps, he quickly held the broken vase behind him. As the teacher walked up to him, he asked, "Why does one die, master?" 

"It's natural," said the teacher. "Everything has a beginning and an end. Everything has just so long to live and then has to die." 

The student held out the pieces of the broken vase and said, "The time for your vase to die had come."

Have a beautiful unattached day. 

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