Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Watch Out!

It had to happen, the moment I make a joke about lawyers I get accused of picking on them. Let me assure you all again that I am in no way picking on lawyers. I am familiar with the long hours they work and how it is never easy.

So let me redress the balance a little this morning. 

There was a very wealthy business man. This man had a real love of all that glitters. 

He had just taken delivery of a brand new gold car. How proud he was as he drove it home. He was so busy admiring the facia and the beautiful interior that he was not watching as intently as he should have what lay ahead.

There was a terrible bumping sound. What had he hit? Had he damaged his beautiful new car?

He jumped out to inspect it. Again in his concern for his car he did not notice the car coming up behind him. As he opened the door the passing car caught it and tore it from its holding and bounced it on the tarmac. 

Now the rich businessman was extremely upset. His beautiful car was a mess.

As he was jumping in anger and shouting at the top of his voice a police car drew up and the police came over to him.

Look at my new car he screamed look at the mess. What are you going to do about it? 

The police looked at him with great concern.

"Sir, you are very concerned about your car but have you in all your anger and concern noticed that your arm has been torn off from the elbow?"

The rich man looked down and in a very shocked voice he said. "Where is my Rolex?"

There are many things in life much more important than the material things that we surround ourselves with.

A little thought.


I dig, and often I dig myself into a hole,
You dig, my friend to help me out,
We dig, and we share the load of life’s woes,
They dig, and we offer our help rather than stand aside and watch.
He digs, he wants to feel the pride of achieving,
She digs, because she wants to be with him in love.

Now I know these are not the most amazing thoughts or the best of poetry but they are full of depth. Thanks to the friend who gave me this idea.

Have  a marvellous day.

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