Monday, 27 February 2017

Be careful.

It had to happen someday.

I suppose I had to get around to doing a drawing of my wife. I will now quietly await the consequences of my actions. Will she like it or not? 

Now form will tell me that she will not. I have almost reached the point of not taking pictures of her because for every hundred I take ninety-nine will have to be deleted for one reason or another. 

I actually believe it is a fairly true representation of her, but that might not be enough. 

The reality is I have done it and been brave enough to post it and now I await what is before me and cannot go past me. 

All of our actions lead to consequences and we can only hope that the actions we pursue will lead to good results and that the ripples we have created on the pools of life will bring joy. 

There is one truth in life that cannot be avoided whatever we do will always come to bear upon us.

There were four university students who foolishly went out partying the night before a very important examination. 

In the morning they awoke feeling the worse for the night before so they sat down and hatched a plan.

The plan was a fairly simple one learned from some past experience. They each made themselves look very dirty with oil and dirt. 

They then went to visit the Dean of the faculty and said that they had all been at a wedding the day before. They explained the on the way home the car had got a puncture and the jack had broken. As hard as they had tried they had been unable to fix the car and had pushed it the whole way home. 

Now here they were before him in no fit state to take this important examination.

The Dean looked at them and pondered the situation. After a moment he said that he would permit them to do a re-test in three days time. 

The boys thanked him and told him that nothing would stop them from being there and they would be ready to take the examination.

Three days later they all appeared before the Dean. The Dean said that as this was a Special Condition Test, all four were  required to sit in separate rooms for the exam. All four agreed as they had prepared well for the examination and felt confident. 

When they got seated and opened the examination paper it consisted of only two questions with a total of one hundred marks. 

Question One: What is your name?...................(1Mark)

Question Two: Which tyre had the puncture?..............(99 marks) 

Options..... (A) Front Left.  (B) Front Right.  (C)  Back Left.   (D)  Back Right.

Be responsible for your actions because they may well come back and the lesson might be a difficult one to learn.

Have a wonderful day may you create some beautiful ripples in the course of it. 


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