Friday, 10 February 2017

The wall of youth.

A Friend Forever.

Another variation of my dog painting.  Each of these dogs is painted using different colours and so has a different kind of look. For some reason this one looks younger than the one that I have hanging in my living room. 

Maybe I should get the paints out and paint myself. Maybe in the process I would find the elixir of youth.

A young boy and his father who lived miles out far from civilisation decided to make the trip into the town, a journey that took many days. 

When they arrived in the town they were amazed by the number of people thronging the streets. They stood in awe as they looked in the shop windows and the many and varied window displays. They did not have windows in the shack they lived in.

Then they saw saw two shiny pieces of metal in which they could see their reflections. As they watched the seemed to slide apart and then come together again all of their own accord. They were dumbstruck.

The boy turned to his father and asked him, "Father what is this wonder?" 

The father looked down at him and replied, "son, I have never seen anything such as this before, never in my life. I do not know what this is."

While they were watching an old lady in a wheelchair rolled up to the moving metals. She reached up and pressed a button .

As if by magic the metal moved apart. She had not even said any magic words. She rolled between them and they stood in awe watching.

The walls closed and the boy and his father watched as little lights blinked on and off. They watched again as the lights blinked once again 

Again the doors moved apart. Walking between them came a young and very beautiful young woman.

The father turned to his son, " I do not know what this is son  but be quick. Go and get your mother. "

Oh that it could be so easy. The magic walls of youth.

There is of course another place of wonder it lies within each one of us. We are after all only as old as we tell ourselves that we are.

I discovered this just the other day. I was heading down to the local store. Coming towards me was a woman carrying what was obvious a school satchel. As she neared me I could not resist saying to her, "Have you had a good day at school today?" 

She burst out laughing and said you have just taken years off my life you have made my day. 

Have a wonderful day. Do not get up to too much mischief.

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