Friday, 24 February 2017

A little help.

MY first little try of a friends dog. A work in progress. 

I was very pleasantly surprised that so many people took the time to contact me about my yesterdays rant. It is good to know that so many people believe that we have lost something and that it is sad that we are afraid to even speak to strangers or people we recognise but as yet do not know. Afraid because it just might be misconstrued .

So today here is a little about a little old lady that I know. It is a very true story and I know because I have been on the end of her kindness. 

The story begins with a lad who was not having a good day at all. He had just been made redundant and his car lights would not work properly and the rain was heavy. He really just wanted to get home.

As he drove down the desolate country road towards his home he saw an old lady standing at the side of the road in the pouring cold rain. He knew that there would be little chance of anybody else passing on this road this night. With the closing of the factory most people had left to seek work elsewhere.

So he stopped his car, hoping it would start again. He saw that she need help she had a puncture in her rear wheel.

When she saw the man approach she was worried and concerned. What might he do to her. Even with the smile on his face there seems to be a sadness about him.

He put her mind to rest. "it is ok, I have only stopped to see if I can help. My name is Joe. Why do you not go and sit in the car while I fix this tyre for you, it will be warmer in there."

Joe crawled under the car to find a spot to jack up the wheel all the time speaking to her and reassuring her everything was to be ok.

She told him where she had come from and where she was going. When he eventually put the punctured tyre in the boot and shut it she was most grateful. She offered to pay him for his help. She would have paid whatever he asked she was so glad to feel safe again and the nightmares of what could have gone had been put away.

Joe told he he wanted nothing, saying that he had been grateful many times in life when others had given him a hand. He had been brought up to believe in helping others. His parting words were, "If you really want to pay me, if you see somebody in need you can give them a little help. And when you do, Think of me, Joe."

He got in his car and drove off. The old lady got in hers and continued her journey.

A little down the road she stopped at a late night cafe. The waitress, who looked as if she had had a troubled  day came to serve her. When she saw how wet she was she went and got a towel and helped her get dried.

The old lady asked her why she was still working when it was obvious she was getting near to giving birth. She explained her husband had been made redundant and she needed to work. The old lady had a lovely warming cup and a fresh warm pancake and was feeling so much better.  As she sat she was full of joy of how she had twice been treated so well on one night.  She remembered Joe and his parting words.

She finished up and gave the waitress a twenty pound note. The waitress went off to get her change. When she returned the old lady had left.

Laying on the table were some more twenty pound notes and a little message saying, "Thank you so much for your kindness. Somebody else helped me out tonight and told me to remember him and help somebody in turn. Hope this little helps."

The waitress cleared up and locked up and went home. Her husband was in bed and she snuggled in beside him and whispered to him.

"I think we are going to be alright and I love you Joe."

My father lived by the idea that we should do at least one good act a day. It is a sure fire fact of life that what we give out most surely comes back to us.

Have a wonderful day.

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