Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I am so glad.

A very appreciative friend of mine. 
I awoke this morning and I instantly thought, "Yes another day, what damage can I achieve today?"
It is so very easy to take things for granted, the things that surround us every day. It all comes down to how we look at life. 
I try to live my life by the ancient philosophy of Lao Tzu. In this philosophy we are encouraged to always look at the positive, that is not always easy but it can be done with a little thought and less anxiety. 
Let me give you a little side by side of the ways we can look at every day events and things. 
The clothes I complain about because they are a bit too tight.  The truth is I can rejoice that I have enough to eat. 
The shadow that watches me toil.      At least I must be out in the sunshine. 
That lawn that needs cut and that flower bed that needs weeding.  Well, that means I have a home and a garden.
For the taxes I complain about.       It means I at least have enough to have to pay them.
For my pal who when he sings he signs off key.  At least I have the hearing to hear he is off key. 
The weary muscles and the tired legs. I have been able to do some tasks and possibly enjoyed a walk. 
For the alarm that wakes me. It at least means I am alive.
That heating bill.   It at least means I am warm.
When I cannot find a parking place and have to walk. Well rejoice that I still can and that I have a car and transportation. 
For the mess that has to be cleaned up after friends leave. I have friends who care enough about me.
That teenager complaining about having to do dishes. (Not anymore for me.)    But at least when they were at home complaining they were not out on the streets doing worse things. 

For others.
The husband, lounging about on the sofa getting in the way. He could be down the road getting drunk.
The wife that says evening meal is something you are not to keen on. She is at home and she could just as easily be elsewhere with somebody else. 
And oh. That pile of clothing I have been asked to put away three times now. I have a pile of clothes that have been washed and ironed. 
Have a wonderful day. 

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