Sunday, 5 February 2017

Two Little Birds.

I love to stravaig. For those unfamiliar with this word it means to wander aimlessly. Now technically I never wander aimlessly but I do love to just wander and let nature take me where she wants.

It might be an aimless thing to do but many of the most meaningful lessons have been learned at just such a pursuit. 

I remember clearly one day doing just that and my eye caught upon a nest high in the trees. In the nest stood the proud father Buzzard and beside him two fairly young chicks ready to fly the nest. 

I sat and watched feeling at one with the stillness around me. A beautiful day for a maiden flight.

As I watched I imagined the conversation that might have passed from the Buzzard and his young.

I watched as he looked at them and tapped them both on the back. Then he flew from the nest and returned and did the same again.

I could almost hear him say to them, "Come on now. Be brave."

One of the little chicks asked, "How far can I go?  "How far can you see from here?"

"For how long will I have to fly?" "How far is it from here to there?"

"How high will I fly."  How high is the sky?"

How much will I achieve?" How much do you want ?"

"How much can I dream?" " How much do you want to believe?"

  "Dad why do you not answer our questions?"
"I just did."
"But all you did was give us more questions. You are our father you should know these things."
"I see," said the old buzzard.
"You have to find these answers for yourself."
"How can we do that ," asked one of the chicks.
"Go and fly," said the old Buzzard. "Go see how far you can fly, and how high , and how far you can see when you do. But go and do it."
"You alone know the answer of your expectations hopes and dreams and only you can make it all happen."
 And never be afraid to challenge yourself.
And off they went to meet the challenges of life.
Have a marvellous day. How about a bit of Stravaiging ?

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