Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Love for more than a day.

Well, here I am again facing the same dilemma , what do I do with the huge pile of valentine cards? Do I keep them or recycle them?

Of course I do not have to go far to recycle in fact I only have to clear my head of dreams. There are so many traditions surrounding the day that nobody really knows which one was the start. It was of course called St Valentines Day at the beginning it being like so many of the days of celebration began by the church. One very early tradition was that little hearts with St Valentine written on them were give to children to protect them epilepsy. St Valentine was executed because he performed wedding for soldiers who were forbidden to be married. It is said that the night before his execution he cured the daughter of his jailer hence the association with illness.

Now of course it is all tied up with an easy way to make a fast extra income for business. Today the same shops will now put all their energy into Easter. 

I apologise that I sound such a cynic. But let me assure you that love for me is a 365 not a one day event. I am moved by any expression of love shown to me and make sure that those around me know that I care. I am a total failure though when it comes to valentines days and such.

I suppose I am a bit like Johnathan.

Johnathan visited a florist's shop which had a large sign in the window saying, "Say it with flowers."

He said to the shop assistant , "Can you wrap me a single rose please?"

"Only one?" said the assistant with a frown.

"Yes just the one," Johnathan replied, "I am a man of few words."

 Now if I was being a real cynic I might have added and small pockets.

Or maybe the couple who on Valentines day decided to make a special effort to save they're failing relationship.

The decided to contact a counsellor and seek his help.

Several visits followed with lots of questions, loads of listenings and many words spoken.

Eventually one day the counsellor felt that he had discovered the main problem. He stood up and went over to the female and asking her to stand up he gave her a cuddle.

He then turned to the man and said, "This is what this lovely lady needs, at least once every day."

The man frowned and thought deeply, he considered for a moment, then he spoke, "Ok, what time do you want me to bring her back tomorrow?"

The man in my sketch above once said to me , "If love is anything at all then it has to be expressed at every opportunity and never assumed that it is a taken for granted."

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day and that today is even better. That you feel surrounded by love and warm thoughts.

Might I just take a little moment to thank all those who surround me with love I frequently do not deserve.

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