Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Fairy cakes.

The above original abstract looks a bit more like a landscape than my usual abstracts . This one was inspired by a walk last week where the sheltered areas were still under the grips of frost yet to all intents and purposes with the sun shining it looked and felt like a beautiful autumn day.

Inspired by a walk up Falkland estate painted by applying texture and paint using only my fingers.

I had a very busy day painting yesterday, I completed this painting from scratch and I finished the one I did at the demonstration last week, but I want to make one little change to that before putting a signature to it. 

I really do need to get a kettle and a little stash of goodies out in the painting space. Yesterday I nipped back into the house to refill my coffee cup and to have a couple of biscuits to dunk in it. 

I smiled as I slipped them into my pockets feeling like a young boy caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

A young girl in my parish had done just that, stolen one or two fairy cakes from the cake box.

Her mother knew just exactly how many she had made so was aware that some had gone, and only she could have taken them.

When the girl came back into the house the mother spoke to her. 
"Do you know that God was here, when you were stealing fairy cakes ,from the kitchen?"
"Yes, I do," replied the little girl.
"And do you know that he was looking at you all the time?"
"Yes, I do."
"And what do you think what he  was thinking?"
"He said: There is nobody here apart from us, so take some cookies for me, too,
and one for Jenny."
Now I would call that one smart little cookie. 

Have a marvellous day.

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