Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Oh The Noise!

I live right next to a patch of grass with a couple of trees. The ground must belong to the council because they sent workers during the summer to cut the grass and in autumn to prune back the bushes.

It is a lovely is a great spot in the summer for children to play and run around, as they often to. There is something so uplifting to hear the sound of young laughter. 

At the entrance to the park area are two notices. One reads, No Football. The other, No Ball Games. 

Nevertheless we have regular visits from groups of people who arrive with their goal net and do just that.

I really have no concerns as long as they continue to play as they do, my only concern is if the boys get older and the kicking of the ball gets harder. Then I might have to resort to other tactics.

They clearly do not go to a school that teaches reading so any further notices might not be of much use.

I might have to be like the old man who had problems with young boys playing outside his house and making a terrible noise. They were also banging the ball against his wall.

He went out and spoke to the boys one evening thanking them for making such a noise. he told them that the noise brought him much pleasure.

He asked them if they would come back the next night and do it again for them and he would pay them 50pence each.

The next night they were there making an even greater noise. He went out and thanked them and paid them. Then he asked if they would come the next night. They did.

At the end of the night he gave them 20 pence each and asked them to come the next evening.

On the next evening he gave them ten pence each and again thanked them.

When they arrived the next evening he went out to thank them but gave them nothing. They asked him why. He told them he was a poor old man and had no more money.

The boys never came back. They just were not prepared to make a noise for nothing.

There are many ways in life to achieve the desired results and they do not need to involve anger or spite.

Have a great day.

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