Thursday, 26 May 2016

Where you stand.

It is amazing the people you meet when on holiday. How in the mix of people there are always those who see life so differently from the majority, not that I am ever one of those. I suppose it depends on where and how you view life. Here in France people are very interested in how we will be voting in the European Referendum. They just do not understand why we seem to want to leave. I am not getting into my opinion on this because this is not the place but I do seem to be in a minority among those from the uk I am meeting here. But then they are here and not even going to vote, which seems odd.v

Anyway away from all of that we do all see life from our own stance. The aim is to make sure we are on solid ground for our stance.

A physiologist doctor was doing his rounds. He went into a room where a patient seemed to be sawing something.

He asked the patient,"What are you doing?"

The patient replied, "I am sawing a piece of wood in two."

Another patient seemed to be hanging from a rafter upside down. The doctor asked patient one , "What is your friend doing? 

"He thinks he is a lightbulb."

The doctor was concerned for patient two he was getting very red in the face.

 He asked patient one, "Do you not think you should get him down before he harms himself?

Patient one said,, "What? I would have too work in the dark."

As I say it all depends where your stand in life..

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