Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Little side street.

A Little Side Street.

Isn't it amazing how easily it is to get led of the straight and narrow. Without knowing it you find yourself up some side alley and you do not have clue where you are. Now this can happen both morally and in reality and sometimes neither but just a little change of direction in life brought about by circumstances.

Here in France there are little side streets in every village and town. How I love exploring. It is often in those side streets that you find artists at work.

That being said I have a little tale for you today that shows how being sidetracked can have long and lasting effects.

A woman dies after a long illness, and finds herself just outside of heaven, at the pearly gates. 
As she peers inside, she sees people she knew from her life on earth enjoying themselves, laughing, and looking quite happy. 
Just then, St Peter comes along, and she asks him:"Is this heaven? How can I enter the gates?"
St Peter replies: "Yes, this is heaven. All you have to do is spell one word for me, and you'll be free to enter."
"What word?," she asks. "Please tell me!"
"Spell LOVE," and you can enter, replied St Peter.
Relieved, she spells the word correctly, and St Peter opens the gates for her.
After she had been in heaven for some time, the woman became quite comfortable and happy, but she still missed her beloved husband who she left on the earth. As an extra way of being of service, she asks to become a helper of St Peter, along with others who greet the newcomers to heaven and usher them through the pearly gates.
Imagine her surprise one day when her husband appeared at the gates. 
"Darling! I thought you'd never get here," she says in greeting. "I have missed you so much...tell me, what have you been doing all this time? Was life hard for you after I left?"
Her husband replied: "Well, it's good to see you, too! Yes, I have been quite busy. I was very sorry when you left, but I was quite attracted to that cute nurse who helped you through your last days, and we ended up getting married a few months after your passing. 
And then - she won the lottery! 
Can you imagine? I was able to buy a large mansion, a new car, retired from my job, and my new wife and I traveled the world and we have had a grand life. We were on a vacation in the Greek isles and while I was water-skiing, my ski fell off and hit me in the, here I am! I was sorry to leave her and the earth, but it's really great to see you again. Gee, it looks so nice in there. Is this heaven?"
The woman looked at him, smiled sweetly, and says: "Well, imagine that! I have missed you so much, and hoped that you missed me, too...but, well, I guess life goes on - right?"
"Right!," he said. "So, tell do you like heaven? I never dreamed I'd get here. Is it easy to get in?"
"Oh, yes," she replied. "All you have to do is spell one word"
"Okay!" he said excitedly. "What word?"

Beware of the side streets you just never know where you may end up. 

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