Thursday, 19 May 2016

My Smartwatch.

A Calm Day Towards Arran.

Being such a techno geek of course I have an smartwatch. Being the owner of such a watch is not an easy thing to live with. The regular comments if it bleeps or makes a noise have to be coped with. "Is that your watch telling you it is time to stand?" 

While out walking, "How far has your watch said we have walked now?" Or on the golf course, "How far does your watch say it is to the green?"

Of course my watch can tell me all of those things and a great deal more. While at the local store it is simple to just flash my watch at the card machine and payment is made. Technology is a wonderful thing if you know how to use it and embrace it with all its foibles.

But it is wise not to be completely sold on having or owning the next bit of wizardry.

David is struggling through the railway station with two huge and obviously very heavy suitcases when a stranger approaches and asks, "Do you have the time?"

David puts down the suitcases and looks at his watch. "It is five fifty," he says.

Hey , thats a pretty fancy watch!" exclaims the stranger.

David smiles a little, "Yes, it is not at all bad. Check this out," and he shows that the watch can tell you the time in all the capitals of the world.

He hits a few buttons and a very Scottish voice tells the time in Edinburgh. Another button and a Japanese voice tells him the time in Tokyo .

The display is amazing and the voices magical.

The stranger is struck dumb with admiration.

That is not all it can do explains David. A few more pushes of the buttons and a map of where they are standing is shown and a little flashing light to indicate where David is on the map.

"I want to but this watch," says the stranger.

"Oh , no, it is not ready to go on sale yet. I am still working out the bugs," says David the inventor. "But look at this'd he proceeds to show that it is also a little digital radio. It has a gadget that can measure distances by shining a little beam.  It also can store and read audio books. "It can store hundreds,"  says David, "but at present I only have twenty on it."

"I just have to own this watch!" says the stranger.

"No , you do not understand, it is not ready yet."

"I will give you £500 for it." 

" Oh, no I have already spent that on developing it."

"I will give you £1000 for it."

"But it is just not,"

I" will give you £3000 for it and I will pay you right this minute."

David stops to think. He has spent nothing like this on the development so far. The extra money will let him work on another prototype. So he hands it to the stranger who pays hime the money.

Ok says David and the transaction is completed.  They make the exchange and the stranger is ready to walk away.

"Hey, wait a minute," David points to the two huge suitcases he had been wrestling along the station platform, "Don't forget your batteries."

Not every thing that glitters is gold and not every amazing offer is worthy of our attention. 

Have a wonderful day.


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