Wednesday, 31 August 2016


A Pastel In Progress.

Iona From the Jetty.

Yesterday I made a start on this pastel of Iona. I lived on the island for a year so painted this almost completely from memory. The scene has changed little from the time I was there. The abbey tower did not have a sloped roof during my time and I can remember standing on the roof of the tower and seeing for miles. The picture with colour looks like it is at an angle but that was the photograph not the painting it will look straighter when completed.

I have fond memories of my time on the island working on the building and being a general handyman. For doing this I was given free board and more important a quiet place to study  and try to put right what I had failed to do at school. 

Today I do not visit Iona probably not even in my painting. My day for meeting my friends has been changed to today so today I travel to Dunfermline. 

All this talk of travel here and there reminds me of n amusing event and a lesson learned.

A young man was on the bus  travelling from Dunfermline to Dundee, part of the same journey I will be making today.

A man of Arabic appearance got off the bus and the young man noticed that he had left his bag behind.  He grabbed the bag and ran after him, caught up with him just outside the bus station and handed him back his bag.

The man was extremely grateful and reached into his bag which appeared to contain large bundles of banknotes. 

He offered the young man  a reward, but he refused.

The Arabic man  looked round, made sure nobody was looking and whispered to the young man, "I can never repay your kindness, Sir, but I will try to leave you with a word of advice. Stay away from Dunfermline Steak Houses."

The young man was terrified. "Is there going to be an attack?" he whispered.

"No." the man whispered back "The food is shit and the dessert selection extremely limited." 

Never jump to judgement because of a persons appearance. So I will not be visiting any steak houses today.

I hope you have a wonderful day and any news you do receive is nothing but good news. 

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