Friday, 26 August 2016

The Well and the Mule.

I missed my bus yesterday by about two minutes. As I arrived at the bus stance I watched the bus driving out. I had to wait for an hour to catch my next one. I had two choices. I could find a nice seat and sit and read my book, would probably have managed to finish it. Or I could go for a walk. I chose the latter of the two.

As I walked down through the town I bumped into somebody I had not seen for years. He was looking good and it was good to see him and have a chat. He was also able to update me on so many people I had not seen in ages.

In the end what had seemed such a disaster  turned out to be a bit of a blessing . I walked back to the bus stance with a lighter step. It had been great to meet up and share tales. So what had started as a disaster ended up a joy.

An old mule lived on a farm where there was an old disused well. One day without thinking the mule ended up at the bottom of the well slipping on the mud around the top of it. 

The farmer looked down at the old mule and after some thought that neither the well nor the mule were of much value, and not worth the effort to save either. He therefore decided to fill in the well with the mule still down there. He reckoned if he filled it fast enough the mule would not really suffer. 

H called his neighbours together and they carted a large pile of earth to the side of the well. Once they had enough to fill the well they all began to throw the earth down into the pit. 

The old mule was terrified and hysterical. But then as the earth came down he shook it off his back and stepped up on to it. 

He repeated to himself again and again, "Shake it off and stop up, shake it off and step up. 

This way the panic left him and he set to the task. After some time the old mule was able to step over the rim of the well to freedom.

Although terribly tired, he was a winner, he had saved his own life. The farmer looked at him through new eyes and decided that toehold mule deserved to live and that he was not so useless after all.

The mule had decided to turn his adversity into something positive and had not given up.
What seemed to bury him, actually saved him, owing to his confidence and restless effort.
There can always be a positive side to every adversity even missing a bus. 

I hope you have a good day and nothing bad comes your way. 

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