Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Visit From an Unexpected Guest.

At The Going Down of The Sun.

This is for certain the last version of this large canvas. I have darkened the builds in the centre and added two larger Cyprus trees to the sides in the hope that it stops the eye from roaming over the painting rather draws you into it. 

I know I have had mixed feelings about this one but over the days it has grown on me and I now feel it is worthy of keeping for a bit. 

Seems I have not been getting things right at all these last few days. Sounding grumpy two days ago and yesterday telling a story where the hero, the little bird ends up dead. My apologies, but let me assure I have actually not been feeling bad or down I have been out there walking and feeling productive in the paint space. 

So today let me brighten up the start of your day.  Yesterday my friend and I were out walking together. We began to share some of the shared memories we have of when we were both ministers in parishes close together. 

I was making a comment that some of the times I felt I was struggling and jokingly said maybe the devil was making a better job of it than I was. 

This brought back a tale I remembered from those days.

One bright, beautiful Sunday morning the congregation were gathering in the church prior to the morning service. As they gathered they were all chatting sharing stories about their week, their children and just life in general. There was an upbeat atmosphere brought on by the beautiful day in promise. 

Suddenly at the front of the church, there is a large bang, Satan appears in all his glory. Everyone in the church starts screaming and heading for the door determined to escape this evil. 

Soon the church is empty except for one old man, who sits calmly in his pew, oblivious it seems to the danger. Satan seems confused with this unexpected reaction. 

He walks towards the old man, who does not bat an eyelid and says, "Hey, do you know who I am?"

The old man turns his head, "Yes of course I do."

Satan says, "Well are you not afraid of me like all the others?"

The old man sighs and says, "Not a bit of it. Of course I am not afraid."

Satan now in total confusion says, "And why are you not afraid of me?"

"Well, I have been married to your sister for 45 years, how bad could you be?"

Have a good day. Sun is to be shining here all day and I do not expect to be meeting anything evil. 

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