Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Getting ready.

Our village is a little hive of activity at present. People are making sure their gardens are as tidy as they can be. The village is full of little interesting displays of flowers. Hanging baskets festoon the lampposts and there are large tubs of flowers at all of the junctions and points of interest in the village. 

We have a very active floral society that keep the place looking amazing during the summer months. How I would enjoy being a part of this but most of the preparation and activity takes place when I am off in France.

This year somebody has encouraged people to think out the box. This little bike was there last year and is still back again this year. But we also have another cyclist at another corner a dummy on a bike covered in flowers and all dressed out in cycle kit. Further along we have another dummy dressed as a cricketer surrounded by flowers. 

The place is indeed looking well and ready for the judges visit in two days time. I have made sure all my lawns are cut and my bushes trimmed and looking as good as I can get them. The weeds have all been removed. I brought back  some floral tiles to construct a number plate on one of the pillars at the side of my front gate. They are looking good. I intend to get some more of those, might even paint them myself for the other eight pillars. 

A great effort has been made and somebody has encouraged people to think a bit out the box and be different.

People have certainly been encouraged to get out there and do something. 

Reminds me of the couple who were avid television watchers.

For  thirty years they had spent their time watching television. One night the husband told his wife,
" Let us now do something really exciting."
These words brought to her mind pictures of pleasure. Maybe he was suggesting a  jaunt through the night city.Maybe he was going to take her out for one of those romantic candle light dinners. Maybe a night in the back row of the cinema. 
She was full of anticipation
"Excellent!"  she exclaimed. " What will we do?"
"Well, I thought we could exchange chairs, honey!"
Go on doing something exciting today. What is it the advertisers say? "You deserve it."
Have a good day what ever you do.

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