Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Rose.

Yesterday I spent time with family and friends sharing a meal and laughter. It was a wonderful evening throughly enjoyed by me and I hope the others. This morning I looked at the bunch of flowers on the table and they refreshed the memories of the day.

This reminded me of the short but memorable story of a lesson learned.

a young man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived about 100 miles away. He had not seen her for some time so thought it was time to send some flowers. 

As he got out of the car he noticed a young girl sitting at the side of the road. He recognised her as the girl who stayed close to where he lived. He had spoken to her before and always found he a cheerful girl but he she was sitting in tears. 

He asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother But I do  not have enough money to but the rose like my mother wanted and I so wanted to buy it today."

The young man smiled and said , " Come on in with me. I'll buy you a rose."

He bought her the rose and ordered a similar bunch of roses to be sent to his own mother.

As they were leaving the shop he offered the girl a ride home in his car. Knowing who he was she said that she would love to have a lift in the car. Thinking she was heading home he was surprised when she directed him to the cemetery , where she placed the red rose on a grave. 

The man watched quietly and then he drove her the rest of the way home. 

He then returned to the flower shop and cancelled the order for the flowers to be sent. Instead he picked up a large bouquet of roses got back in his car and drove the hundred miles to deliver them to his mother. 

spend as much time as you can with those who love and care for you because time is a precious commodity.

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