Friday, 19 August 2016

I am lost.

There are so many little places that catch you unawares. The little village of Culross ( Pronounced Coo-Ross) is one such place. An historic little place with little narrow lanes and surprises around almost every corner. 

We so easily take the places we are familiar with for granted and fail to notice the beauty. Culross has been one such place for me. When I was in my first or second year at university I spent the summer working on various butcher vans allowing the butcher who usually worked the van to have his holiday. I spent two weeks in the area of Culross with its very narrow streets and my large mobile butchers shop. There were some corners that were difficult to negotiate so I had no time to enjoy the view. I had to keep my eye on the road and the buildings in a very different way. 

So every time I have gone to visit Culross since then I have remembered taking that van up and down those streets and so much of the beauty was lost.  It was only when a friend and her mother visited and we stopped off in Culross that she alerted me to all its hidden little gems. We need others to point us in the right direction to see the beauty in the familiar.

Two little stories to I hope start your day with a smile. Both are true stories and both show how it is so easy to see the familiar but others can see something else.

The son of the minister one morning just before Sunday service asked his father. "Dad, I notice ever Sunday morning when you climb into the pulpit to give your sermon, you bow your head for a moment." 

"What  are your doing?"

The minister smiled and answered, "I am asking God to give me a good sermon."

The ministers sons face grew very serious, "Then why doesn't he?"

I can assure this is a true story.

Another where things look different through the eyes of a child made me smile also.

Billy Graham the well known preacher was visiting a small town as a visiting minister. it was in the times when email was just across the horizon and sending letters was still one of the main means of communication. 

Billy had a letter that he wanted to send but did not know where the nearest post office or post box was. He asked a young boy if he could give him directions to the post office showing him the letter. 

The young lad very politely gave him directions. 

Billy Graham thanked him and said, "If you come to the baptist Church this evening, you can hear me telling everyone how to get to heaven."

The boy thought for a moment looking at Billy graham with an earnest look.

" I don't think I'll be there. You don't even know your way to the post office never mind heaven."

Have a good day and look around you you just might be surprised at the beauty you will see.

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