Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Being Greedy.

My apologies for two things, that this blog is so late this morning and that it will be a short one. The Olympics are beginning to catch up with me I have only just got out of bed. Late nights, or early morning are getting to me. That on top of a miserable day yesterday trying to force the paint to work for me. 

I am sure those two things go hand in  hand. It is just not possible to do everything. I find watching the wide variety of sport on offer at the Olympics just so captivating. Not enough to stop me being concerned about  a number of things like the terrible coverage offered by the BBC. I do not think this is the place for my rants. My rants about the policy of the lottery funding going to elite athletes normally from a particular background, in order to win medals. My rant about the number of little back street sports clubs that had to close down because funding was withdrawn. MY rant about the legacy that was cut off before it started. My rant about the secondary increase in the number of families effected by gambling because of all the hype and relaxation of gambling laws.

I will not go into that at all. Just apologise for being so tired from watching it all into the wee small ours.  

I have all those doubts and worries but I am greedy for sport and watching it.

A little tale about being greedy maybe I need to remind myself of.

The King of Benares was out on a hunting trip with his wise counsellor. 

They stopped to feed their horses some peas. Suddenly a young monkey darted down a tree and scooped a huge handful of peas out of the feeding trough. Halfway back up the tree one pea fell from the monkey's furry hands and, in a desperate attempt to catch it, the monkey dropped all the peas he was carrying.

Peas scattered on the ground and the horses ate them. 

The monkey climbed back up the tree empty-handed and sat sadly on a branch. 

The King and his wise counsellor watched this episode with amusement. 

The counsellor chuckled, "Great King, when far too greedy you be, remember that monkey and the pea."

Have a good day I will get ready to clear up the mess from yesterday and maybe make a fresh start today. 

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