Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just a little prod.

I played golf yesterday afternoon. During the course of the round we played we had wind and rain and sunshine almost all the seasons in one afternoon. 

My game started well one over par then I parred the second hole. On the third hold I hit a bad shot and what looked like a marvellous start got worse. My ball landed in an almost unplayable position. Having started so well it would have been simple to give the ball a little push with my toe to make it lie in a much more  favourable position. 

In so many games the temptation to cheat is there and sadly there are those who take the opportunity, as we have see even at the Olympics. What difference would a little push of that golf ball make? A whole world of difference, my score might look better than it deserved to look, and I would be that little bit lesser for having lied. 

As it was I had a bad hole but ended the day feeling good because I parred  a good number of holes and even the rain did not seem so bad. More importantly I had some quality time with my son finished off with dinner in the clubhouse with my wife and daughter-in-law. All in all a good afternoon that might have been spoiled with a little lie.

The story of the examination and honesty.

In the examination instruction the professor had stated that at the end of the examination each student was to sign a form stating that they had received no external assistance.  No bits of paper or notes had been brought into the examination. 

One student, unsure whether he should sign the form stated to the professor he had prayed to god for assistance. 

The professor took the examination paper from the student and studied briefly his answers. He then turned to the student and said, "You can sign it with a clear conscience. God did not assist you with this examination."

A minister was desperately trying to get his congregation to give some serious consideration to their actions. 

At the end of his Sunday service he told them that the next Sunday he was going to be preaching on the topic of telling lies.  He then told them that he would like them to do some preparatory work. He asked them to read chapter seventeen of St Marks gospel. 

The following Sunday before beginning to preach his sermon he asked the congregation to raise their hands if they had done as he had requested and read the seventeenth chapter. Almost ninety percent of the hands went up saying that they had done as asked. 

The minister looked around the congregation and said, " Now that is really something very special." There were warm smiles all around the church. He then went on, "I t is amazing that so many of you did that considering there are only sixteen chapters in Marks gospel." 

Be sure your sins will find you out. Today i am going to climb Mount Everest I will share it with you tomorrow.  Dishonesty can fool many but the greatest loser is the dishonest person who fools themselves.

Have a marvellous day.

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