Thursday, 1 September 2016

Just a Little Laugh.

I did not manage to get any more of my pastel done apart from the last little house and some of the grass to the fore of it. I do so want to get it finished today and I have so many things that have to be done today. 

So I thought I would begin my day with a little laugh at some short remembered stories from the past.  Just three little ones to start your day. 

The first one is a story from a wedding told by the other. They were attending the wedding of her brothers daughter. Her daughter who was at her very first ever wedding squeezed her mothers hand and whispered to her mother, " Mum why is the bride only wearing white?"

The mother thought for a moment and gave the answer, " Because white is the colour of happiness and this is the happiest day of her life."

Without a thought she replied, "Then why is the groom dressed in black?"

Now I dare you to answer that one. 

The next story come from morning worship. 

An old couple were sitting in the middle of a centre of the church pew. The old lady turned and whispered to her husband during the sermon. 

"I have just let off a silent fart. What should I do?' 

The husband looked at her with a twinkle in his eye and said, "Turn on you're hearing aid."

And the last one.

A young boy came home from school with a bleeding nose and a bruise on his cheek and a cut on his lip. He had obviously been in a fight and it looked very much like he had lost. 

While his father was cleaning up the cut ha asked his sone what in fact had happened. 

Well, dad it was like this. " I challenged David to a dual and gave hime the choice of weapons." 

"That seemed very fair," said the father.

" Yes, but I did not know he would choose his big sister." 

I hope you have a great day I am hoping for a productive one. I have a big choice. Do I go out and walk before the rain comes in, and then finish my pastel? Or do I finish my pastel and go and walk in the rain and get wet? I suppose the answer lies in what I find to be the most important.

One involves only me the other involves my wife and her lifelong friend for whom the pastel is intended , so I guess I do not really have a choice.

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