Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Red Bike

Went out walking this morning before the sun had broken through. There was a morning chill in the air. As the sun came through I passed this little bridge over one of the many canals in this area. The weeping willow made feel almost magical.

Now this is what I was wanting I heard myself think now all I want is the sun. As if almost on command it appeared. How would life be if we got everything we desired. It was the Buddha who remained us that all suffering is caused by desire.

Young David was a lad full of desire. His birthday was fast approaching and what he dispersed more than anything was the amazing bike he had seen in the cycle store.

He expressed this desire to his mother. She thought here was the ideal lesson to give him the opportunity to consider his ways and maybe even make amends.

She suggested that maybe he should think about his behaviour. She told him this and suggested he write a letter to God explaining his desire for the bike and why he should get it.

He began. "Dear God. For the past year I have been a well behaved boy. I would really like that red bike." He thought about it and tore it up.

He began again, " Dear God. I have been a fairly well behaved boy for the past year. I would really like that red bike." Again he read it and tore it up.

He began again. "Dear God. I have not been a good boy at all this last year but I would really like that red bike." He was considering making promises he might not keep. Instead he tore it up.

He put on his shoes and jacket and left the house. He told his mother he was going to the church and she agreed. As he left she was thinking maybe it had worked.

David entered the church and looked around him. He was alone. He saw a statue of Mary. As quick as a flash he lifted it and hid it under his jacket. He rushed home and went straight to his room.

He got out his paper and wrote. "Dear God. I have your mother. If you want her back I want that lovely red bike.

So you see desire does lead to suffering.

Have a good day.

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