Sunday, 25 September 2016

Five Surgeons

Yesterday I watched some French runners racing along forest trails and woodland paths. The same trails and pathos I have been walking this past week. I have over the course of the week broke into a run such is the feeling such places arouse in me. 

Sadly the competitive days are gone but it was good to mingle with them again and feel part of it all.

I often feel sad that my running days are to all intents and purposes at an end. Thankfully with my new ankle walking is still well within my grasp and becoming more and more a part of my daily life. Thanks to the skill of surgeons who can fit new parts and keep us active.

This reminds me of the five surgeons who were out together for a meal. As the enjoyed the meal and wine the conversations also became more and more amusing. The surgeons began to discuss their favourite patients.

The first one preferred accountants he said, because when you open them up all the bits are numbered and mistakes are difficult.

The second said he preferred electricians because when you opened them up everything was colour coded.

The third preferred librarians because everything  Was in alphabetical order.

The fourth preferred builders. They do not mind if there are a few bits left over when finished.

The fifth said the were all wrong. Politicians are by far the best. They have no brains no balls no guts and the head and the ass is interchangeable.

Oh thank goodness we can be grateful for those who keep us well a hearty and able to enjoy life to its full.

Have a great day

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