Friday, 30 September 2016

The Journey

Well here I am with one more week left before I make the sailing and journey up through England to home. The prospect of a relaxing night onboard the ship is a pleasant one, the long drive is always the same, sitting on a motorway for hour on end.

It is all worth it because of the good journey around this part of France in the glorious sun. I have two more stops to make here on my way towards Zeebrugge so the journey is far from over. 
ir trek
All this gal of journeys reminds me of one of my most favourite of tales. Apologies to those who have heard it before.

Two monks were making a journey as a pilgrimage. They had sworn a promise to make the pilgrimage in silence. So day after day the pair walked in silence merely sharing the agreed few words before retiring for the night.

On the day I speak of things were going as normal. The two were progressing. About an hour into there journey the came across a beautiful young lady. She was dressed in a beautiful Kimono. She was standing looking at the road before her. The river had broken its banks and the road was flooded with muddy water.

One of the monks on seeing her plight went to her and spoke to her. he then lifted her into his arms and carried her through the mud and water. He gently set her on her feet and carried on his way.

All that day it became obvious that his fellow traveller was not happy with him. At the end of the day he asked him what was the matter. His friend said to him. We have vow of silence, not only did you speak to that beautiful girl but you lifted her and carried her. 

Ah said the older monk. But I carried her only a short way. You my friend have carried her all day as a heavy burden.

We often encumber ourselves with burdens that we can easily set aside. We weigh ourselves down with unneeded hindrances.

Have a good day.

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