Sunday, 18 September 2016

Minister and Taxi Driver

The thing about life is that there is only ever one certainty and that is that it will not last forever. I overheard a man yesterday who did not seem to believe this.

He was one of those you meet now and again who just have nothing at all in life to learn. It seemed he was a master of everything. He was a master builder, an expert in everything French except for speaking the language. I listened in silence keeping my counsel.

He had a wonderful habit of saying, " I can tell you this as a certainty."  He then went on to pontificate.

I remember once meeting a group of people who were one hundred percent certain that they were going to inherit a place in heaven after death. It really must be wonderful to be so sure of such weighty matters.

This reminds me of the story of the minister and the taxi driver who both arrived at the pearly gates at the exact same time. There they stand, the taxi driver in his bright coloured shirt and sun glasses, the minister in black suit and dog collar.

On giving his name and Peter consulting his notes says to the taxi driver. You are welcome in. Here is a silken robe and a golden staff.

On checking up on the minister he also invites him in but gives him a cotton robe and a wooden staff.

The minister says in some annoyance, " How is it that he a meagre taxi driver gets a silken robe and I get a cotton one. He gets a golden staff and I a wooden one.?"

Simple says Peter, " When you were preaching most people were sleeping. When he was driving most people were praying."

There are no certainties in life and only arrogance will let you think otherwise.

Have a great day.

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