Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Red Donkey

Today I was out walking enjoy the fruits of the earth. In one walk I sampled wild blueberries, grapes, walnuts and brambles. I came home feeling very lucky I am sure I had already consumed at least two of my four a day. 

The wild life was good also. Pheasant, partridge and grey heron to name but a few. I even had a conversation with a donkey, I could swear his he haw was a response to my talking to him.

This reminded me of the story of the young lad who bought a donkey from a an old farmer. He paid the farmer £100 for the d When the old farmer heard this he saidonkey. The next day the farmer arrived to deliver the donkey. He looked glum and told the boy that the donkey had died.

The boy asked for his money back. The old rascal of a framer told him it was not his fault his donkey had died and he had spent the money.

The boy said ok leave the donkey and I will raffle it off. " You cannot raffle a dead donkey," said the farmer.

The boy sold three hundred tickets at £1 each making him a profit of £200.

When the farmer heard about this he asked if anybody had complained. He said only the person who won the donkey and I gave him his £1 back.

There is a question in there about honesty i am sure, but this is a true story of a boy who later went on to own one of the biggest companies in the united states.

But maybe that also fits with some ethics.

One way or another have a good day and do not talk to too many donkeys and certainly not dead ones.

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