Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Little Challenge.

I walked this this morning just enjoying the countryside around me. The little canals the ripples made on the water as the fish jumped to catch flies. The hen with its six very little chickens three pure white and three black. Made me wonder what colour the cockerel was? I am sure somebody will enlighten me.

It is Sunday so here in France the cyclists were out in large groups out for the long Sunday cycle. Of course there were also the runners. This is when I find it very difficult. I just want to run with them. I remember the old motto I had when I was running regularly, "thou wilt not pass." 

I still find it difficult not to rise to a challenge.

So just to help you join me, here is a little simple challenge for you. Life is about finding the balance. We often think this is very difficult but nature has its simple balance and all we have to do is learn this.

So here is a little challenge, simple.

Sit down, if you are sitting at your computer lift your right leg off the floor. Now make circles in a clockwise direction. Clockwise just nices little circles. Now while doing that. With your right hand draw the figure six in the air before you.

You see your foot goes anti clockwise try and stop it doing that! Not so simple.

It is in fact harder to fight nature than to go with it. Easier to be in harmony than in constant conflict. Why is it so hard to learn that?

Go on try the little challenge and have a good day.

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