Thursday, 29 September 2016

The dead gambler.

This morning while out walking I passed a cafe on my way towards the woodland walk I was going to take. Sitting outside at two tables were some groups of men playing chess. They were taking it very seriously concentrating very hard. There was the occasional sound as a move was made but apart from that silence was the name of the game.

This brought back memories of the tale of the five Irishmen who were playing poker. During the game one of them fell from his chair dead. The other four carried him over with great dignity and laid him on a bench. The"y stood for a moment in silence and then returned to the serious business of the poker. 

As the game progressed one of them at last said that somebody had to go and tell the wife of the deceased. They cut the cards to decide who would go with the news. 

Gallacher drew the short straw and was tasked with going and visiting the wife. The others told him to be discreet and gentle. Gallacher told them he was the very height o discretion. 

On arriving at the home of the deceased he said to the wife, "Jimmy has lost £500 and is afraid to come home."

The wife responded, "Tell hime to drop dead."

Gallacher says, "I will just go and tell him that."

Be aware of what you say and what you wish for. 

Have a great day.

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