Sunday, 9 April 2017

Walking the Hills

Yesterday I went walking in the hills with my family and friends of my son. It is always a bit of an adventure to go hill walking with people who are not used to being out there in the wild places. Of course it means that those who are out there often become very protective of each other. This was the case yesterday when the father of this young lad was being very careful to make sure he was safe.

Being very careful for his sone he himself it was who tripped and slipped while crossing a cattle grid almost landing on his back. This would have been a painful fall.

I was thinking of the story of the two acrobats. One was a young girl the other was he uncle who was a very skilled performer. He had thought up a new trick which he was sure would earn them money in the market places where they would perform.

He would balance a long bamboo pole on his head and the young girl would climb to the top and perform turns and twists.

To do this both had to have great focus and balance. 

The uncle said to Media the girl that she should watch him and he would watch her helping each to concentrate. The little girl answered by saying,"Master you look after you and I will look after me. That way we will both be safe."

it was the buddha who said that if we wanted to learn to help others we must first learn to look after ourselves. 

Love one another as much as you love yourself was later a well known saying.

It is true if we wish to take care of others we need first to the care of ourselves.

Have a great day.

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