Wednesday, 26 April 2017


I am sure you are well aware of the comment that golf is nothing but a good walk spoiled. As a walker there are times when I would agree with this sentiment. When you go out and hit the ball well and manage to putt also you feel that it is far from a wasted walk.

There is a real sense of achievement from a good, well played round of golf. 

The banter after the golf is always well worth the time.

I was sitting talking to a good friend yesterday after a round of golf. He had been playing with a lad named Jim. He told me that he would not be playing with Jim ever again. 

I asked him what had brought this about. 

"He cheats," was his quick response. "How can you say that?" I asked him. He told me that Jim had said that he found his lost ball about three yards from the green. 

I told him that was possible to be the case. He looked at me and said, " Not when his ball was in my pocket."

Alex comes home after his regular Saturday golf game and his wife, Amanda asks why he doesn't include John Gumby in the games anymore. 

Alex asks, "Would you want to play with a guy who regularly cheats, swears outrageously over everything, lies about his score, and has nothing good to say about anyone else on the course?"

"Of course I wouldn't," states Amanda. 

"Well," mutters Alex, "neither does John Gumby."

There are of course those who get so obsessed by playing golf that they have nothing much else in their lives. 

There was the lad who was playing down the hill on the last hole at Killin golf course. This hole runs parallel to the main road.  he hit his ball from the tee and it flew across the fence and onto the road.

It bounced twice and smashed through the window of an oncoming car. The driver lost control of the car with the shock and swerved across the road hitting an oncoming car. Both cars rolled over causing a tremendous mess of both cars.

The golfer finished his round and returned to the clubhouse where he told the tale to his friends.

"What should I do?"  he asked them.

One of them promptly told him to correct his handgrip and follow through with his shot. 

There are indeed more important things in life that the things we can so easily become obsessed with. 

Have a marvellous day.

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