Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The little things of life.

A Little Fun Doodle

I had a long and very tiring day yesterday taking my motorhome down to Ayr to have a new cover fitted over the refrigerator cooling vent. A small job but involved a long drive there and back and the time spent waiting about. 

So while I sat and waited I took a little break from painting faces to doodle with some dreamscapes. Dreams are after all important things to have. Or if I substitute hopes for the word dreams it may make a little more sense. 

I do not know what made me think about it but as I was doodling I was remembering back to the dreams and hopes of my youth. Those fulfilled and those still yet to be.  Or not! whatever the case will be. 

I was remembering the first day of each term in the early years of school. Do you remember when the class takes were handed out? How you hope for a meaningful one, especially if you liked the teacher. 

As with everything, some jobs were more interesting than others, and the children were eager to be given one of the best ones. When giving them out, the teacher took into account which pupils had been most responsible during the previous year, and those children were the ones who most looked forward to this day. 

Among them Rita stood out. She was a kind and quiet girl; and during the previous year she had carried out the teacher's instructions perfectly. All the children knew Rita was the favourite to be given the best job of all: to look after the class dog.

But that year there was a big surprise. Each child received one of the normal jobs, like preparing the books or the radio for the lessons, telling the time, cleaning the blackboard, or looking after one of the pets. 

But Rita's job was very different. She was given a little box containing some sand and one ant. And even though the teacher insisted that this ant was a very special ant, Rita could not help feeling disappointed.

Most of her classmates felt sorry for her. They sympathised with her, and remarked at how unfair it was that she had been given that job. Even her father became very angry with the teacher, and, as an act of protest, he encouraged Rita to pay no attention to this insignificant pet

However, Rita, who liked her teacher very much, preferred to show the teacher her error by doing something special with that job of such little interest.

"I will turn this little task into something great," Rita said to herself.

So it was that Rita started investigating all about her little ant. She learned about the different species, and studied everything about their habitats and behaviour. She modified the little box to make it perfect for the ant. Rita gave the ant the very best food, and it ended up growing quite a bit bigger than anyone had expected.

One day in spring, when they were in the classroom, the door opened, revealing a man who looked rather important. The teacher interrupted the class with great joy, and said,

"This is Doctor Martinez. He has come to tell us a wonderful piece of news, isn't that right?"

"Exactly". said the Doctor. "Today they have published the results of the competition, and this class has been chosen to accompany me, this summer, on a journey to the tropical rainforest, where we will be investigating all kinds of insects. 

Among all the schools of this region, without doubt it is this one which has best cared for the delicate little ant given to you. Congratulations! You will be wonderful assistants!" 

That day the school was filled with joy and celebration. Everyone congratulated the teacher, and they thanked Rita for having been so patient and responsible. 

And so it was that many children learnt that to be given the most important tasks you have to know how to be responsible even in what are apparently the smallest tasks. And without doubt, it was Rita who was most pleased at this, having said to herself so many times "I will turn this little job into something really great".

I know my dear friend Jim will remind me that if we look after the little things the big things will take care of themselves. 

Have a dream filled day and may your hopes come to be. 

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