Thursday, 13 April 2017

Grasp the Day.

Cathedral Rocks

This is a picture taken two days ago on my last walk of my visit to the Lake District. A spectacular cave in an old disused quarry. There is a large and easy entrance to this cave but the picture you see was taken after a very difficult climb to a higher viewpoint. It really was spectacular.

Just behind where I was standing as I took this picture there was a small gap which looked like another cave. It was though very small and the only way in was another very cramped climb down. 

I found myself in a pitch black tunnel and not looking forward to the turn back and two difficult climbs I had made to get there I ventured onward, keeping low and touching the walls at either side. 

Then I remembered I had my phone with me. Of course there was no service but what there was was a little bit of light to assist me. 

How often the obvious does not come to us. 

How glad I was to be able to make use of it. The tunnel was very narrow, pitch black darkness and went on for almost half a mile before I saw a dot of light indicating an exit. 

The sense of achievement was immense.

There were two fishermen who where close pals. They used to catch fish together on weekends. Since they were busy in their personal work and family, they hardly spent time together. It was a Saturday and they decided to drive to a nearby pond to enjoy their day  fishing. 

Both carried essential utensils, cooking accessories, ingredients and of course fishing equipment. 
They sat at a distance apart to fish. 
The first fisherman got a big and beautiful fish in a few minutes. He was so happy and placed the fish in the ice box to retain the freshness. 
He spent some more time and caught a few more fish. He decided to make a grand meal with the fish.  
They had been fishing for about two hours and he walked over to his friend.
As he watched the second fisherman caught a large fish. However, he put that back into the lake.
The first man was surprised by this, but said nothing. A second and third time this happened and each time he put them back. 
 He spoke to his friend, ‘Are you mad? Why do you put your fish back into the water? They were beautiful and big!’
The second fisherman replied, ‘I know they were big, but I don’t have the big pan to cook the big fish! So I’m looking for a smaller fish that fits my cooking pan!  
On hearing this, the first fisherman was surprised. He advised the second fisherman to cut the big fish into small pieces to suit in the pan and cook them properly.
How often we are like that fisherman, and me clambering about in the dark when we have the answer right before us.
Big opportunities are there and we let them slip from our hands, rather than grasp the moment.
 Have a wonderful day, or should I say? Grasp the moment. 

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