Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Hippo

Still working on this one.

Had one of those days that starts off so well and of course can only go downhill. I started off on my journey to the Lake District a place I so enjoy. About halfway on my journey I saw a car passing me pointing down at the side of my Motorhome. I pulled in at the fist opportunity to discover my water emptying tap had come loose and the tap had come off. All of my water had emptied and the hose was now trailing.

I made a detour to a caravan supplier to buy a replacement and was kindly helped by the staff. I then set off again to my destination only to discover on arrival that my hose had also been effected and was was now leaking badly. Another long journey back to the shop and back again.

What I wanted then was all to go smoothly, but as you can guess it did not. I was close to losing my temper and so wanted to be anybody else but me.

I was a bit like the hippo who woke up one day to hear the most beautiful singing from a bird in a nearby tree. The hippo told the bird how he longed to be able to sit in a tree and see the beauty and to fill the air with song. The bird told him not to be silly to be glad he was such a strong hippo and a very good swimmer.

The hippo was not at all happy and decided he wanted to be like the bird. He came out of the water and made a first attempt at climbing the tree only, of course to fail. He tried again and again each time getting angrier at his failure.

At last his temper took over and he attacked the tree breaking off many branches. He stood on top of the branches and pretended to be at the top of the tree. he made his first attempt at song. Another disaster, all that came was a loud and painful noise.

The other animals hearing this, gathered around and began making fun of the hippo. He was so embarasssed he slunk slowly back into the river and became again a good strong hippo.

It is not always easy to accept life the way it is but often it is the best for all. To be the best we can at what we are doing and not allow anger to dictate our actions.

Have a wonderful day and may it go well and you enjoy being you. 

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