Sunday, 2 April 2017


My Hero.

I went walking yesterday. it was a beautiful day and I walked in almost complete silence. Around me the sounds of busy birds and now again the sight of a deer or two. I watched two crows flying back and forth gathering nesting materials. I was amazed at how effortlessly they flew between the tight forestry.

I was in no hurry so sat on a bench seat to gather thoughts. 

I had plenty of time to sit and consider and think about the things in life that are important to me. Of course high up there are friends , family and love. But there is also the memories of things shared with others no longer here. 

All of these important. The moments of laughter and  laughter shared, how  I could go on.

But it is the simple things of life that I cherish as you can see. They also all come to me for free.

Todays painting is of Lao Tzu who lived many years before all of the other known leaders of religion and faith. it was from him that I learned much about harmony and peace, and where to find it. Of course nobody really knows what he looked liked so this drawing was based on a little wooden statue bought for me at an Chinese Antique  Fair , by the young people I took to China as a teacher. How I cherish this carving.

Let me share some of my thoughts.

Important Things

The importance of a fishing rod
Is to catch Fish,
When the fish is caught the rod loses its importance.
It is forgotten

The importance of paint and brushes
Is create works of art,
Once the painting is on the canvas
The brushes are set aside.

The purpose of words
Is to convey ideas.
When the ideas have been grasped
The words are forgotten.

Where can I find a person
Who has forgotten words?
This is the one I would like to talk to.

My simple blog for today I thank you for those who share words with me and help me on my way.

Have a wonderful and thoughtful day. 

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