Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sock and shoes.

I  arrived home from the Golf course yesterday, late afternoon. It had been a very windy afternoon back here at home. I had been aware of wind on the golf course but being on the coast and under the lea of some hills nothing like the wind we had at home. 

My wife caught me as I was getting my clubs out of the car, "You will have to look at this she said!" Now there is a statement that will take us a long way forward. 

I could look at that all day long but would not have a clue about what to do about what I was looking at.  There are some things I am good at and some things I am just hopeless. Sorting woodwork falls well into the latter category.

I felt like the little lad looking into the shop window.

A young lad of about ten years old was standing in front of the show shop. He was barefooted peering longingly through the window at all the shoes. He was obviously feeling the cold.

A lady approached the boy and spoke to him. "My lad, why are you looking so longingly into this shop window?"  The reply came after a little thought, "I was praying to God to give me a pair of shoes like those in there."

The lady took his hand and led hime into the shop. She asked the lady who was serving for half a dozen pairs of wooden socks that would fit the young lad. She then asked if it would be possible to get some warm water and a towel. He brought those to her and she proceeded to wash the young boys feet and put on one of the pairs of socks. 

The lady then having dried his feet and put on the socks purchased a pair of stone sturdy looking shoes. The shoes were put on and laced up. He was given the other five pairs of socks in a bag. The lady patted him on the head and said, "I hope you feel much more comfortable now?"

As she turned to leave, the astonished lad caught her by the hand, and looking up in her face, with tears in his eyes, answered the question bout his comfort with these words. "Are you God's Wife?"

This is a true tale, and the young lad grew up to be a fine man who spent much of his time trying to help the poor.

I am not looking for God's Wife but maybe the father of Jesus , a carpenter might be a help. Guess this will be my task for today.

Hope you have a wonderful day. 


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