Sunday, 23 April 2017

Closed Doors.

Upside Down?

I think I have been serious for long enough time for me to lighten up and relax for a day at least. 

I have always been fascinated by doors and locks. I love how old locks age and the rust runs off and onto the wood of the doors. In the south of France there are so many doors that have faded in the warm summer sun. They are so full of character and warmth.

I have stopped and painted so many of those over the years. How I wish i had kept a little notepad of those drawings and sketches. I have never ever done anything with any of these paintings other than get the pleasure from painting them. 

The one above was intriguing I am sure the key for this lock has to be put in upside down yet the handle was certainly the right way up. I wondered for ages what was behind that door. 

This got me to thinking about door tales I had away in the back of my head. 

There is the tale of the two religious lads going round knocking on doors trying to get converts. They come to one particular door where the door is opened by an angry lady who tells them in no uncertain terms what they can do with religion. She is not interested. She put force to the door and bangs it shut. 

It immediately bounces back open again. She grabs it again and again with a little more force bangs it shut again. Again the same result, it bounces open again. She is convinced one of the two has his foot in the door so she is determined to make them leave. With all the strength she can muster she prepares to give his foot a bruising when he gently says to her, " Before you do that you should move your cat!"

Anger often blinds us to the truth. 

A young air hostess is on her first ever trip abroad. The captain recommends places to visit during their overnight stop. Tells her where to eat and drink and where is best to stay.

The next day they are all assembled ready to get their flight, but she is not there. He calls the hotel and asks for her room. A sad voice explains, "There are only three doors in this room. One leads to the bathroom, one to the wardrobe room and the other has a note on it saying, "Do not Disturb." What am I to do?

Have a wonderful day and beware of closed doors. 

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