Friday, 7 April 2017

The Man on the Horse.

Again still working on this one.

Today I cycled around Coniston Water only fifteen miles in total but a very undulating and hilly fifteen miles. The scenery is outstanding beauty everywhere you look. The road on the far side is very narrow with hedges and dry stone walls sometimes right to the very edge of the road.

In spite of this there are still those who drive as if there was no tomorrow. A constant hurry. It makes me smile that frequently, even when I am not driving, but cycling the person who was so desperate to get past me and almost knocked me off my cycle in the process, was just in front of me two miles later when they were held up by traffic.

We live in times when we are always in a rush. My friend who was cycling with me yesterday was in a great hurry to pass me. On every hill he made another salient effort. As he passed he would make comment about the views. He was reminding me rather pointedly of the days I did this to hime when we ran together. 

It is fairly easy to pass when your cycle has an electric battery driven wheel. 

Rush rush we seem to be constantly in a hurry, to get something finished, or to get somewhere in a hurry. A constant state of hurry and clock watching.

It is like the tale of the man on a horse.

Horse suddenly came galloping down the road. It seemed as though the man had somewhere very important to go. Another man standing at the side of the road , shouted, "Where are you going?" The man on the horse replied, "I do not know! As the horse!"

The horse is a symbol of our habit energy. We live at the mercy of our habits not by our intentional actions but our habits.

The horse is pulling us along making us run here and hurry there often when we do not even know why we are hurrying. If we stopped for a moment and asked ourselves what was the rush we might have an answer but it might not always be a good one.

We need to learn how to take back the reigns and let the horse of habit know who is the boss.

We are the boss and we need to slow down and start acting like the boss.

Have a marvellous day in the slow lane how wonderful you might find it. 

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