Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Cat and the Horse.

Yesterday I had a visit to a beautiful buddhist temple. I happened to be there just at the time that a meditation session was due to begin. I duly took off my shoes and and entered the temple and made myself ready to participate. 

So after having a hectic day I was now set up and ready for the exact opposite. Having taught Buddhism as part of my teaching years I was very familiar with Buddhist meditation and practices and very quickly found myself feeling relaxed and at home.

At the heart of Buddhism is mindfulness the ability to let go of those things that are harmful to us. 

After the session I had a walk along the beach not far from the temple. Here I remembered a tale that seemed to fit my day.

Once upon a time there was a cat who lived on the edge of a field beside a river. This cat often wished that he was able to swim for across the river there was pigeon house full of tame and well fed birds.

One day the cat awoke to find a horse in the field. Soon the animals got to know each other and began to chat. The horse said he was thinking of swimming across the river to graze on the lush green grass on the other side. I will not make comment about the grass always being greener. OOPs I just have.

The cat on hearing this said that he too would like to get across but could not swim. The horse offered to carry him over. 

The horse agreed and soon they were over on the opposite bank. The horse began to graze while the cat very quickly killed two birds and scoffed them down. Having finished eating the cat began to yell like a banshee. 

The horse told the cat to calm down and stop making such a shindig. He told the cat he would alert the villagers to their presence and they would command do them harm.

The cat had eaten his fill but the horse had not had nearly enough. The horse was angry, the cat was angry and of course the villagers on hearing the noise were also angry.

The cat said it could not break the habit of a lifetime.

All this anger floating around could only lead to trouble. The villagers got sticks and stones and began attacking the animals. 

They bother rushed to the river and the horse swam back reluctantly taking the cat with him.

You have ruined everything the horse told the cat. I am still hungry and the chances of us ever getting back there are few.

The cat simply told him he could never change the habits of a lifetime.  The horse thought for a moment and began to roll on his back on the grass trapping the cat. The cat yelled in pain. The horse said he was sorry but this was the habit of a lifetime. After swimming he always rolled in the grass.

Because of anger there were nothing but losers. Sometimes there are habits and things in our lives it is best to let go of because they only bring us harm. Anger is one such thing where nobody ever benefits.

Have a lovely and an angry free day.

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