Friday, 14 April 2017

Some Days better Than Others


Some days life just goes without a hitch, other days it is the exact opposite one thing after another goes wrong.

No matter what I tried to do yesterday it just kept going wrong. Never mind today is going to be a good day, as they say. 

A Day I will Remember.

Just a line to say I'm living,  
That I'm not among the dead.   
I'm just getting more forgetful,   
And more mixed up in the head.   

One thing I can't remember
When I stand at the foot of the stair,
Was I going up for something
Or did I just come down from there?

I stand before the refrigerator,
My poor mind filled with doubt:
Have I just put the food away?
Or have I come to take it out?

Then snug in pjs and dressing gown, 
With curlers on my head . . .
Was I going to retire? 
Or . . . just getting out of bed?

So if it is my turn to write you, 
There is no need of getting sore,
I probably think that I have written
And don't want to be a bore.

I'm going out to mail this letter,
For the mailman's almost here . . .
I look forward to your answer,
For now, goodbye, my dear.

There I stood beside the mailbox,
With a face so very red,
Instead of mailing you my letter,
I had opened it instead ! ! !

Yes we do now and then have days just like that.  

I hope you have a marvellous day.

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