Monday, 20 June 2016

The Taxman.

Yesterday I had a fairly active day beginning with a fairly long walk then I went for a cycle. The bottom line was that yesterday I had no time for painting. So I have added a little painting I did here in France earlier. A painting I still have hanging in Dunfermline.

It being fathers day yesterday I thought I would at some point here from both my children and I did. Sadly, for me I was caught napping in the sun . To make matters worse I was wearing a silly sun hat to protect my burnt nose, unsuccessfully I might add. So when my who it on got me on FaceTime he got a good laugh at my expense.

The old saying your sins will catch you out springs to mind.

This reminded me of the little tale I once heard from a priest friend. One day he got a rather odd call from the tax office. he was alarmed when he heard was, what had he done to deserve this. The person from the tax office was sounding very serious. "Is that father O'Malley?"  he asked. "Yes it is indeed," responded the priest.

I wonder if I can ask you Father, "Do you have a bookmaker named O'Hallearan a member of your church?"

"I do indeed," replied the priest. 

"Has he made a donation of £10,000 to your church?" asked the taxman.

"He will." replied the priest. 

Be sure your sins will find you out.

Have a good day.

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