Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Pundit

I remember visiting a church while on holiday. At the end of the service while leaving the church with my son not a single person spoke to us or even asked who we were. There was coffee being served at the rear of the church after the service and friends all gathered and conversed. Nobody invited my son or I to join. So we left and returned to our caravan. 

Back at the caravan I had my suit and ministerial dog collar. I changed from my holiday attire and changed into my suit and dog collar. I returned to the church for the later service. This time I was spoken to by many and invited for coffee. They seemed shocked when I told them of my earlier visit. I had a suspicion that this was because of the dog collar.

There is an ancient tale.

There was Pundit in the village. He was well-versed in all Scriptures. He knew everything, but, he was poor. He did not have a house. He used to get his meals also with great difficulty. His clothes were very much worn out.
So, the Pundit used to beg for his meals. He went from House-to-House begging. “Please give me alms”. On seeing his old clothes many people were thinking that he is mad. So,  they tell him “Go Away” and they shut the door. For many days he did not eat at all.
One day somehow he obtained new clothes. A rich man gave those clothes to the Pundit. Wearing those new clothes he went to beg as before. To the very first house he went, the householder said, “Sir, please come in. Please have your food in our house”. Saying thus, with great respect, he took the Pundit inside for food.
The Pundit sat down to eat. Varieties of soups, Sweet meals, Vedas, and Sweet foods were served for eating.
Having prayed first, the Pundit took a sweetmeat with his hand and began to feed his new clothes saying, “Eat, eat!”
On seeing that all the householders were surprised and were not able to understand. So, they asked thus, “The clothes do not eat right? The why O, Great Pundit, do you offer food to the clothes?”
Then that Pundit answered thus, “Indeed because of this new clothes you offered me food today. Yesterday itself in this very house you asked me to go away. Since I obtained food due to these clothes, I am grateful to them. This is why I am feeding them.” The householders were a little ashamed.

Never judge a person by the way they appear at first glance.

Have a great day.

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